Highly experienced marketing specialist, with an outstanding understanding of the full marketing-mix, budget management, cost-effectiveness. I focus on strategic planning to ensure the long-term success of your marketing efforts

AMB.M is not a creative agency aiming to sell you a new logo, printed brochures, a new website, or database services. We will help you manage and develop your brand through the use of design and print services should these be required, and most importantly we will work with you to develop realistic strategies that will ensure your organisation meets its objectives.

Business owners and managers can become too enthralled in their day to day work to easily see where changes need to be made, and can sometimes find it even harder to take projects from planning to completion, simply due to lack of time.

We will help identify areas of your business that might need improving, whether that is setting yourself clear objectives, preparing strategies or ensuring that clear plans are set out and implemented.

We will also manage any key projects to ensure your business can carry on with its vital day-to day work whilst also moving forward.

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